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Tree Trimming Services at Your Rental Properties

If you own or manage one or more rental properties, you may be unsure of what your responsibilities are as a landlord when it comes to tree trimming and tree care on your properties. 


Landscaping and tree trimming obviously both need to occur on rental properties, but whose job is it to take care of these things? Is tree care the responsibility of the landlord and property manager or of the tenant? Is tree trimming considered landscaping? Who is responsible for cleaning up fallen branches or for removing hanging limbs? 


You may not be surprised to learn that things like tree removal are the landlord’s job, but the answers to the other questions above might surprise you.


As a rental property manager, you must stay on top of the care of the trees on your rental properties. To learn more about why and how this should be done, read on. You’ll learn a great deal about this topic in this informative post, and then you can move forward with a plan with ease from there. 

Why Tree Trimming Is Crucial

Taking care of the trees on any property is very important for a number of reasons. 


First of all, regular tree maintenance is necessary to keep the trees healthy. Dead and diseased limbs and limbs that are infested with insects need to be removed before they begin to affect the overall health of the tree. These limbs should be removed at least once a year, but trees should be inspected for these issues even more frequently than that. 


Furthermore, dead and rotting limbs can cause damage or injury if they are not removed. Overgrown tree branches can cause damage to the roof or siding of your rental property and unhealthy limbs or branches can fall on cars or property below. If someone is hurt or if something on or off your property is damaged, that injury or damage will be your responsibility. 


If you live somewhere with severe weather, unmaintained trees can be especially dangerous. It’s best to remove unhealthy limbs before anything tragic occurs.


Additionally, trees next to a property that is not properly trimmed can provide pests with a direct route to the indoors. Roof rats, raccoons, and other critters will use tree branches to get into the attic of your property where they can cause a great deal of damage. Trimming trees helps to discourage these animals from trying to get into the home.

Is Tree Trimming a Landlord or Tenant Responsibility?

When it comes to tree trimming, many people wonder if this type of maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord or the tenant.


Landscaping and tree trimming are clearly related, but is tree trimming considered landscaping? 


Most leases include some language about lawn care responsibilities. These responsibilities often include weeding, mowing, general lawn clean-up, and planting flowers and bushes. In most cases, this sort of care is the job of the landlord, but some leases indicate that tenants will be required to do these things themselves.


However, tree trimming and tree removal are rarely mentioned in a lease. The omission of these important tasks can often lead to arguments between tenants and landlords. 

It’s best to spell out tree trimming and maintenance responsibilities in the lease so there will be no confusion.


In almost all cases, it’s wise to list tree trimming as the landlord’s legal responsibility. Tree maintenance can be very expensive and it can also be quite dangerous. Taking on this responsibility will keep your tenants and trees safe in the short and long term.

Don’t DIY Tree Trimming. Call a Professional! 

Because tree trimming can be dangerous, it’s a task that’s best left to the professionals. You can likely trim or prune small trees and branches yourself, but if limb removal will require someone to climb the tree, this job should go to someone who is experienced and trained and who has proper tree climbing equipment. 


Even if you think you can reach the unhealthy branches with a ladder, you could injure yourself if the ladder slips. Further, if you attempt to use power tools to cut those branches, you may end up with an even more terrible injury or even an accidental death.


Power lines are another dangerous issue when tree trimming is involved; a tree limb that you remove could land on a live wire and could create a very hazardous situation for you and others.


Professional tree trimmers are well-trained to work with trees in a way that is safe for them, residents, and the trees themselves. It’s best to let them do this type of work for you.

When to Trim Your Trees 

You may find yourself wondering when it is time to call a tree service, but there are a number of factors that can indicate that the time has come.


If you can see dead, diseased, or otherwise damaged branches in the tree from below, or if you find branches like these on the ground around the tree, it’s probably time to call someone in.


Cross branches that rub against each other can cause tree damage; on windy days, you can sometimes hear them rubbing together. You may also be able to see thinner limbs splitting from time to time. Also, trees that appear to have uneven growth might need some maintenance as well. All of these situations are signs that you should call a tree service for assistance.


Sometimes the need for a tree trimming service is less obvious, though. You may not realize there is a problem at first, and then suddenly an issue becomes very clear. A canopy that is too dense that restricts sunlight and airflow could indicate that a tree needs some work, and if branches are hanging over the sidewalk or driveway, they could use some trimming as well.

Happy Landscaping and Tree Trimming

As you can see, landscaping and tree trimming require constant upkeep and maintenance. You can pass off the landscaping work to your tenants if you so desire, but the tree trimming is your responsibility. You want to keep your property and your tenants safe, and you want to make sure your trees are healthy for years to come, too. Make sure you stay on top of tree trimming throughout each passing year and many problems and disputes will be avoided. You’ll be glad that you did.


If you’re looking for a great tree trimming service in the East Valley, please give us a call. We have many years of experience and great reviews and we can’t wait to help you get your trees in the best shape of their lives.