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Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

J&M Landscaping, LLC
dba Jose Knows Trees
ROC #322669

Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

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Did you know? Tree stumps take years or even decades to naturally decay

Stump Grinding + Stump Removal Services

Jose provides competitive prices and affordable stump grinding services to Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek areas of the Phoenix East Valley.

The remains of a tree trunk are an obstacle to landscaping, an annoyance to mow around, and a trip hazard to people. The stumps of trees and bushes are often ugly and can get in the way of fencing, pavement, gardening, even planting of new trees… and fully enjoying your yard. The rotting stump also attracts termites, pests, and other insects. On the other hand, the tree stump may continue to grow, sprouting as well as sending out more roots.

Tree stump removal in a yard can have logistical problems. Do-it-yourself approaches require either a lot of effort, expense, or a lot of time. Either exhausting hand chopping or drilling, applying chemicals, and waiting. Either approach can still leave you with much if not all of the bush or tree stump remaining.

Let Jose help with stump grinding or complete removal of the tree stumps on your property or business.

Nearby tree stump grinding/removal services from Jose Knows Trees in East Valley, AZ

Tree Stump Removal Process

Step 1

Contact us for your FREE estimate and to schedule your start date.

Step 2

We will prepare the land and mark any utility and irrigation lines.

Step 3

The tree removal process begins! Our powerful machines can quickly & efficiently remove the stump and the roots.

Step 4

Depending on your preference, we can leave the available space available for new tree planting or we will fill in the gaping hole with dirt and fill it in with ground covers such as mulch, wood chips or new sod.

Difference Between Tree Stump
Removal and Stump Grinding

These are two separate ways to get rid of that old stump. We offer both.
Tree stump removal is the process of pulling out the stump and the roots with a powerful machine. Keep in mind that this process will leave a huge hole in the ground, but there won’t be any trace of the tree left.
Tree stump grinding is the process of using a grinder to grind the tree stump. Leftover wood chips are used to cover up the hole or as ground cover on your landscape.

Tree stump grinding/removal by Jose Knows Trees in Mesa, AZ.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is far faster than chopping and chemical methods and poses no hazard to the environment. Stump grinders are usually gasoline-powered and use a fast-spinning cutter disk to chop the trunk and nearby roots into fine wood chips. Properly done, the wood of the stump and the root is removed down to about 20 inches deep, fully clearing the area for lawn, gardening, or whatever you choose.

The cost of tree stump removal depends on the size of the stump and the type of tree, so we always provide free estimates before starting your project.

The Grinder

While the highest horsepower gives the fastest results, it leads to a machine that may be too large to maneuver into smaller work areas. And it’s certainly overkill for bushes. To save us time, and you – money, we use fresh extremely sharp cutter disks.

Our Tree Stump Removal Services

Did you know that renting a stump grinder approaches or exceeds $200 per day?

Without proper training and safety measures, it’s a dangerous operation. We staff extremely skilled individuals with years of experience. We keep things confined so there’s minimal debris to clean up. We can haul away the wood chips if you don’t want them, or you can keep them for use as mulch. Stay safe, keep your family, pets, neighbors and home safe as well. Save both time and money by hiring our tree service professionals to take out the stump.

Family-owned, Jose Knows Trees has spent 10 years building a trusted reputation for outstanding services and fair pricing. Our courteous experts are ready for your residential and commercial needs and we always put safety first.

Do You Also Need Trees or Palm Trees Removed?

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