J&M Landscaping, LLC
dba Jose Knows Trees
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Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

J&M Landscaping, LLC
dba Jose Knows Trees
ROC #322669

Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

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What Can We Help With?

Proactive Tree Care Can Help Keep Residents Safe + Increase Curb Appeal

Experienced Tree Services for Apartments + Multifamily Housing

Jose and his team specialize in the beautification and maintenance of apartment complexes.  We understand the priorities of multifamily communities and apartment management companies to maximize occupancy while providing a safe and welcoming environment. Shared common areas and privately-owned properties within a complex are often dotted with trees of varying shapes and sizes, and the effect is, for the most part, appreciated by all who live there.

Multifamily property managers need reliable, safe, committed Tree Service partners to take the headache and worry away from managing their properties’ appearance and liabilities.  Whether you have small landscape trees or large trees, we are here to help.

Whether you are looking to mitigate liabilities such as building clearance or simply improve your tree’s health, we can do it. We offer management plans and professional services to keep your trees and community thriving.

Keep Residents Safe + Increase Curb Appeal

While general landscapers may be proficient in a number of common tasks such as mowing lawns and digging flowerbeds, they often lack the experience and training to effectively care for trees. They are not tree care specialists and may not be properly insured to perform tree work. Without the proper knowledge and correct tools, simple tasks such as trimming and pruning can actually result in damaged trees and potentially dangerous conditions. Poorly maintained trees can diminish the value of your property and also represent significant liabilities.

Our professionals are extremely knowledgeable about the trees in Phoenix, and they are able to utilize the right tools and techniques to provide a higher level of care.

Our team is exceptional at identifying and mitigating potential tree liabilities to keep your residents and visitors safe while increasing your property’s curb appeal to future residents and increasing the property value of your community. Trees are your asset, but if not taken care of can quickly become a liability. 

  • Determine the right types of trimming necessary to maintain the health and appearance of trees
  • Prune and trim trees to improve the shape, silhouette, light penetration, and wind resistance
  • Identify branches that present a hazard, interfere with a structure or power lines or obstruct streets and sidewalks
  • Work safely at extreme heights to trim heavy branches and remove entire sections of trees if necessary
  • Make recommendations for choosing a suitable specimen for planting or replacing the dead or dying trees (the heat wave in 2020 was exceptional)

Some of our commercial clients include:

Mark-Taylor Residential and Multifamily Management
Valley Income Properties


Proper measures related to tree care can limit liability as well as increase your property value. Consulting professionals can help your team maximize curb appeal, adhere to proper safety standards, and plan for future growth.

This is a list of our primary property management tree services:








tree and storm clean-up


Whether you need trees cleared for a building or common areas, laying new lines or maintaining trees on commercial grounds, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide safe and affordable tree removal. We have provided commercial tree removal since 2010, working closely with both contractors and commercial property owners to achieve their goals. If you need commercial tree services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or the East Valley; we are a trusted, experienced and reliable company.


Property managers have their work cut out for them when considering their tree care needs. Managing several properties and complexes can be challenging. We are here to help make your job easier by providing our service to all of your properties so you have one point of contact. Not only can we help you maintain your properties, but we can also be there for any emergencies that arise. We have removed trees and branches from many houses and buildings on an emergency basis for our property management company partners.


Our HOA tree services are specially designed to help reduce long-term maintenance costs, eliminate damages caused by fallen branches and trees and enhance the overall aesthetic “curb-appeal” of your property. We keep in mind the financial resources and budget considerations that HOAs manage and can put together a tree management plan that meets the needs of the particular HOA and community. Give Jose a call or fill out our information request form to schedule your free on-site assessment for HOA tree services.


We provide commercial tree services, working closely with commercial property owners and managers, such as golf courses, parks, property management companies and HOA’s, and multifamily apartment complexes. Our commercial tree services are designed to ensure grounds are kept well-manicured, aesthetically pleasing, safe from danger, and maintained for long-term sustainability. We’re near you and proudly service the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek in the Phoenix East Valley.


Jose Knows Trees is a family-owned and operated local tree service company capable of bringing out the beauty of your commercial property or residential development. From regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to emergency service response and monsoon storm clean-up, we’re uniquely qualified to handle all your needs. Jose Knows Trees so give us a call today at (480) 238-4028. We’re looking forward to helping with your properties.