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Tree Care Services

Producing high-quality work.  Check out some of our tree services below. Jose is here to discover what you, as the consumer, wants. We are dedicated to finding the best solution to help with your tree care needs. Contact us today!

Some of the services we offer are:

Tree Service

Jose Knows Trees and we specialize in all tree services, including but not limited to, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Thinning, Tree Inspections, Tree Removal, and Tree Trimming. If you’ve got a tree, large or small, that needs removing, call Jose today!

Palm & Cacti Maintenance

Landscaping your yard with palm trees requires you to think about the purpose you want the palm tree to serve as well as the environment in which it can survive. Some palm trees can reach 70 feet high, which is not ideal in many landscaping projects, so it’s important to choose a species that works for your specific lawn. Jose has been caring for palm trees and cacti for many years. We offer services from trimming, skinning, and general maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

  • No tedious DIY
  • We work in a timely fashion
  • We have the experience
  • We have a proven track record
  • Our work ethic is unmatched
  • We are competitively priced
  • Our work speaks for itself
  • We do quality work
  • We have highly satisfied clientele
  • Why go anywhere else?

What our clients say

Jose's work is mind-blowing, he is truly amazing!  He has a tremendous amount of respect for his customers and his team.  Because of the respect his team's work is extremely professional and hard-working, producing phenomenal work. Jose transforms everything he touches to an amazing work of art. My QC house had been on sale for a couple of months, sold for full price only 5 days after Jose and his team redid the front yard. My new investment home was transformed from a normal backyard to an entertainment dream.  Gorgeous and spacious, perfect for backyard and family entertaining.  Just in time for the holidays! - Quan P.


I have had the pleasure of using the services of J&M Landscaping for several years.  They took care of all my landscaping needs at my old house.  Now that I have moved, they have done such a great job installing my sprinkler system, designing and installing my outdoor patio, and so many other things.  I highly recommend their services if you are looking for someone to complete quality work at a fair price. - Grant D.