J&M Landscaping, LLC
dba Jose Knows Trees
ROC #322669

Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

J&M Landscaping, LLC
dba Jose Knows Trees
ROC #322669

Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

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Did You Know? Early spring through late fall is best for tree pruning.

Jose Knows Tree Trimming

Producing high-quality work. Check out some of our tree services below. Jose is here to help with what you, as the consumer, want and advise you on the best way to get the best results. We are dedicated to finding the best solution to help with your tree care needs. Contact us today!

Some of the services we offer are:

Professional Tree Services

Professional Tree Trimming

Are you looking for a tree trimming service company to trim the trees on your property? J & M Landscaping Services is licensed, bonded, and insured in order to give our customers peace of mind about who is working in their yard and that their trees and property will be safely cared for. We provide service for trees ranging from small to large, to cactus and palm trees. We provide service all across the East Valley and we offer competitive, affordable rates to our customers.

Our company has grown over the years from a two-person operation into a full staff of skilled professionals able to meet your every tree care need. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients by providing the highest standard of quality on each and every project we do.


A well-placed manicured tree adds beauty to any home. A beautiful shade tree can offer shelter from the heat of a hot Arizona day. A lovely palm tree gives an air of luxury to the Arizona landscape. Trees are beautiful, but a well-trimmed tree is spectacular.

Tree trimming selectively removes branches to help provide a reduced risk of limb breakage, clearance, size reduction, and aesthetics. Tree trimming also provides the added benefits of:

  • Keeping your tree healthy
  • Keeping your tree it strong
  • Keeping your tree uniform in appearance


The type of tree you have and the region where you live will dictate the best time to trim your tree. Individual trees thrive when they are trimmed in the warmer months, while other trees thrive during the winter months.

Since each tree species requires different seasons, it best to contact a tree care professional like Jose Knows Trees to help you determine a maintenance plan to care for and trim your tree services.

There are four crucial reasons why you want to trim a tree: To encourage tree health, to direct the growth of your tree, to control the size of your tree, and to promote flowering or fruit production.

While initially choosing a tree that is best for the area you will plant it in is that best way to eliminate some trimming requirements, sometimes that’s not possible. If the tree was already planted before you moved into the home, or if you brought the tree while it was young and you didn’t quite account for the size it would grow into.

Whatever the case may be, tree trimming may be the solution. Home and business owners will find tree trimming is an affordable way to keep the tree they have, within the boundaries that are there.


Disease and pestilence are your tree’s worst nightmare. Regular tree maintenance
helps improve your tree’s resistance against a disease, which could lead to the tree dying. With regular trimming services, your tree is protected against damaged branches that could cause decay and infestations that can spread to other parts of the tree.

Proper tree trimming creates a system that checks the tree for developing signs of disease and helps stop an infestation before it can be established. With early detection and intervention, your tree can be saved from a complete tree removal. Plus, tree trimming limits your family or business exposure to chemicals that are used to rid trees of diseases and infestations.


Train a tree in the way it should grow, and when it is old, the tree will not depart from its growth. It’s true. Tree trimming helps create a strong structure, and it helps control the growth and size of the tree. Controlled and selective removal of shorter branches, encourages the development of one central branch. Once the competing branches are trimmed, the central branch is not in competition with the others. The shaping of the tree creates a well-formed and robust tree.


Maybe you want more abundant fruit, or you want vibrant and healthier flowers to bloom on your tree. What your goal, tree trimming will help your tree produce your desire. By selectively removing flowering or fruit-producing branches, your tree will have more energy to develop more abundant fruit or flowers for you to enjoy.


Our licensed and professional tree care specialists strive to offer you the best tree trimming services possible. We are a professional family run business, servicing Mesa, Arizona and the surrounding areas. When you work with Jose, he will guarantee our customers will receive the best care possible.

Here are some benefits of working with us:

  • We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Highly-Skilled Professional Staff
  • Competitive Pricing

We put our customers first, and when there is an emergency, we are there for them. If you have a tree that has fallen or a tree that is a hazard, Jose is just a phone call away. Call Today! (480) 238-4028