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Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

J&M Landscaping, LLC
dba Jose Knows Trees
ROC #322669

Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

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Did You Know? Removing dry and dead palm leaves can help prevent fire hazards.

Palm Tree Skinning Services

With deciduous trees and evergreens spring, they shed their old leaves and needles each year, allowing room for new growth. Their yearly shedding process returns the trees to their natural beauty. Unlike deciduous trees and evergreens, Palm Trees keep their old fronds. The dead fronds remain, mixed in with the new growth. Not only are they unattractive to look at, but they also pose a fire hazard and falling risk, which could lead to an accident.

If a dead palm frond should fall on a vehicle, or worse yet, a pedestrian; then the homeowner and business owner can be held liable for any damage caused by the massive, sharp fronds that fall.

At J & M Landscaping, our tree trimming and skinning services eradicate dead and/or dying fronds from your palm trees and restores them to their healthiest, safest, most desirable appearance.

In some cases, palm tree pruning is not enough, and the palm tree must be removed for safety or planning purposes. We can also help. We’re experienced in palm tree removal as well.

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Palm Tree Skinning

Years of trimming dead fonds leave a mark on your palm trees. Rough webbing remains, and with them, the webbing grows thicker and thicker, providing areas where rodents and other pests can roost. Palm tree skinning removes the rough webbing that years of trimming have created. Our skilled employees remove the extra “skin” from the tree, leaving behind a smooth, new finish and smoother texture.

Palm Tree Trimming

Just like deciduous and evergreen trees, palm trees need regular maintenance and trimming to enhance their natural beauty and to improve the health of the tree. Proper pruning of your palm tree is essential. If you prune the palms to high up or to close on the trunk, you can likely damage the tree. Once the tree is damaged, it is more susceptible to disease, water absorption problems, and stability. Our palm tree experts are careful not to cause any damage to the tissue of your tree.

Some palm trees like The Canary Islands Date Palm (Phoenix Canariensis) produce clusters of small back fruit that is non-toxic to humans and animals. In fact, local Native American tribes use the small black berries extensively in their culture. Unfortunately, for homeowners and business owners who have no use for the fruit, the annual shedding of the tiny berries can lead to the time-consuming chore of cleaning up the unused fruit from their property. When we trim dead fonds, we’ll remove the seeds from palm trees that produce fruit, so it does not mess up your property.

Besides aesthetics, trimming your palm tree well leaves it less top-heavy, which helps to rid your home and property of fire and accident hazards. Plus, it has the added benefit of increasing sunlight and air to the core of the palm tree, improving its health and wellbeing.

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The crew at J & M Landscaping Services, LLC have the training, experience, and equipment to remove your trees the right way. Our skilled and professional staff takes into consideration all appropriate safety measures and licensing requirements. After a consultation to determine if palm tree removal is right for your needs, we can help you determine the proper services for your situation.

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