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FAQs About The Saguaro

Lovers of desert landscapes often ask a lot of questions about saguaros, such as “what does saguaro mean?” And “how can you tell how old a saguaro cactus is?” This article is here to answer these burning questions and more, giving you all the information you need concerning this intriguing plant, (by the way, did you know that “saguaro” is pronounced “sawaro”?) There are a ton of exciting things to learn about these spiny, gnarly Sonoran Desert cactuses, so delve into our guide to discover more!


What Does Saguaro Mean?

Saguaro refers to a large cactus that’s native to the Sonoran Desert, and its famous arms (or branches) characterize it. It can take 200 years for a saguaro to reach its full height of over 45 ft, and their branches take the shape of a candelabra. 


Which Is The World’s Largest Saguaro Cactus?

The Grand One is often regarded as the world’s largest and one of the oldest saguaro cactus. Unfortunately, the Grand One died in 2007. This historic saguaro’s height measured 46 ft (14 m), and 7 ft (2.13 m) around its base.


How Can You Tell How Old a Saguaro Cactus is?

You can guess a saguaro’s age by looking at its height. For example, a 1-inch tall saguaro probably took ten years to get that height.


Where are Saguaros Found? 

Saguaro cacti, also scientifically known as Carnegiea gigantea, exist only in the Sonoran Desert, covering a large portion of the southwestern U.S.A in Arizona & California, and also in Northwestern Mexico. However, not all parts of the Sonoran Desert grow saguaros.


Do Saguaro Cactus Only Grow in Arizona?

Oh no! Saguaro also grows in California and parts of northwestern Mexico.


How Fast Does a Saguaro Cactus Grow?

The Saguaro cactus grows rather slowly, taking up to ten years to grow an inch, and 70 years to reach 6.5 ft tall. At that height, they may start to flower for the first time in their lives. At the age of 95-100 years old, a saguaro cactus’ height may measure up to 15-16 ft. That’s when they start growing their first arms.


What Creatures Eat the Saguaro Cactus?

Different kinds of animals feed on Saguaro Cactus. For example, the long-nosed bat, ant, wasp, honeybee, and butterfly all enjoy the nectar of saguaro cactus flowers. Pack Rat and Pocket Mice also feed on the cactus. At some point, the plant was even a source of food and water for humans.


How Much is a Saguaro Cactus Worth?

Basically, their prices depend on their sizes. A saguaro cactus could be worth $100 per foot. Averagely, the price may vary from around $20-$2000 in the USA.


Can You Plant a Saguaro Cactus Arm?

Yes, you can plant a cactus arm if you take it from a healthy saguaro. Arms which measure 2-5 ft tall when rooted, may grow to have a 20-30 years head start over seed-grown saguaros.


Can You Eat Saguaro Cactus?

Yes. Yearly, a saguaro cactus bears a ruby-colored fruit, which becomes ripe around late June. The fruit contains pulp and seeds, which give a characteristic strawberry taste, and they can be consumed raw or converted into wine or syrup.


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