Palm Trees and Your Property

Palm trees not only offer the ultimate shade coverage for the hot desert sun but are also a stunning statement that can be an addition to or designed around any landscape. Palm trees offer a tropical resort-like feel that makes for a relaxing, lush environment. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, most palm varieties are water conservation friendly and require very little maintenance meaning that you do not have to be a master gardener or even have a green thumb to grow and maintain your own desert oasis.

Palm trees are known for their heartiness.  With their strong, deep root system, they are able to survive intense monsoons, freezing temperatures, and hours of direct sunlight. Since they are very robust trees they also succumb to very few pests and diseases.

What About My Property Value?

A lesser known fact about palm trees is that they can increase your property value. A mature palm can raise the value of your property between seven and nineteen percent!  Not to mention the retreat-like curbside appeal that they add to your home or property. Palm trees have become a symbol of paradise and relaxation and with the addition of one or several on your property, you are able to welcome that refreshing atmosphere into your own backyard. Additionally, if you would choose to take that value with you when you relocate, palm trees are able to be transplanted fairly simply.

There are many varieties of palms, from dwarf palms to large statuesque palms. Some bear edible fruit, and some blossom bright arrays of flowers. Whatever your vision of your backyard oasis may be, there is a palm tree that can accommodate your goals for your very own piece of paradise.

If the palms on your property need trimming, hire a company with experience in palm cutting. Trimming palm fronds can be dangerous, but it’s important to have regular maintenance for the health of the tree as well as your landscape.

Do you need help with Palm Tree Care?

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