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10 Reasons Smart Sprinklers Are Crucial in Arizona

If there’s one thing, almost everyone can agree on it’s that the desert environment in Arizona requires a smart sprinkler system if you want to keep your lawn hydrated and healthy. It’s not enough to try to keep up with watering your lawn yourself because life sometimes interferes with your best intentions. That’s why having a company you can depend on is so vital to your home’s landscaping needs.

Technology has caught up with landscaping, watering, lawn care, tree services, and more. In today’s world, if you want to be able to keep your trees and home landscaping environment lush and healthy, you might want to consider the benefits of using a smart irrigation sprinkler system that is highly automated. A highly automated sprinkler system provides you with an effective delivery system of watering your landscape, lawn, garden, and trees using advanced technology at a reasonable cost.

Today smart sprinklers are so advanced they can save the day, and some are equipped with climate sensors that can even sense when rain is coming. The sensor transmits this information to the monitoring system and bypasses the scheduled irrigation for that particular day and time. Read on if you want to learn more about how smart sprinklers can solve your Arizona lawn care issues for good.

Smart Sprinklers

Water Sprinklers have come a long way from where they began, and almost all of us can remember a water sprinkler in some form or fashion that served two purposes. One was to help keep lawns lush and healthy, and the other was to provide children with summer coolness on hot summer days as we ran through them over and over again. In Arizona, sprinklers rapidly became necessary for landscaping survival for maintaining a healthy lawn.

Almost all Arizona property owners relied on a supplemental water source to help keep their lawns healthy as there was never enough rainwater. Smart sprinklers were invented to help protect water resources. In Arizona, water is a valuable resource, so having a system in place that provides water conservation is a necessary and responsible practice while also giving everyone a lush landscape, which results in an environmental win-win.

Today’s smart sprinklers provide an optimal flow of water at appropriate times through an intelligent monitoring system that helps you save money while helping the environment. There is no downside to smart sprinklers, but to further detail why the reasons why they are so beneficial in the Arizona environment, we have listed ten reasons below for you to consider.

Smart Sprinkler Systems – The Top Ten Reasons They Are Crucial in Arizona

There are many reasons what smart sprinkler systems are beneficial or even crucial for Arizona lawns, but below, you will find the ten most common reasons why and how they save money and promote smart water usage.

#1 Reduce Runoff and Erosion

Smart sprinklers provide a droplet kinetic energy that detaches soil with the overland flow that helps transport sediment down the slope, which helps protect the soil’s surface. That keeps your runoff at a minimum, which reduces your erosion. It is smart sprinkler systems automated water application’s efficient and effective application methods that help reduce runoff and erosion through deep percolation and return flows. 

#2 Weather Bypass

A Smart Sprinkler system will be able to bypass watering your lawn when it’s using technology that knows how to read the weather. If the weather lets the system know it’s getting ready to rain, then the sprinkler system won’t let you waste your money or your precious water. You can shut off your water from any smart device you have or have a pre-set function on any smart device that does it for you.

#3 Water Conservation

In Arizona, if there’s one thing you’re aware of is water is precious, and water conservation is necessary. Smart sprinklers using the latest and greatest technology may cost you a little bit upfront. Still, in the end, you will up saving anywhere between $150-$300 in water conservation costs over a couple of summers in your water bill. 

You can’t beat that combination for both the environment and the economy. That’s why most of the smart sprinkler systems are certified by the EPA’s Watersense program, which offers you rebates on your utility bill. All you have to do is send in your utility bill with your smart sprinkler monitoring system process, and the Watersense Program will determine what is owed to you in rebate dollars.

#4 They Save You Money

Let’s be honest no matter where you live; smart sprinkler systems save you money.  The best kind of automated smart sprinkler system is the one you almost never have to touch, much like when you hire a company that gives you the perfect paver design, installation, and service with you barely having to be there. 

#5 Reduce Water Waste

Whether you realize it or not, the average home wastes over 9,000 gallons of water every year, according to the EPA. By using an automated smart sprinkler wifi system, you should reduce your water usage. It’s the wifi part that allows you to be able to interactively chart and graph how much water you save or waste on a day to day or month to month basis.

You can even set up a smart sprinkler soil moisture sensor for more accurate measurement numbers and efficiencies. It’s all about getting the best watering solutions that work best for you and your home needs.

#6 Keeping Your Landscape Green and Healthy

There are always water-hungry landscape plants, trees, grass, and more that need water and sun. Smart sprinkler control with automation control means you can provide consistent watering and irrigation that help prevent brown spots, dead plants, viruses, diseases, infestations, and more. It’s by using excellent wifi or a smart sprinkler system that you get impactful watering and irrigation that is consistent and efficient. 

#7 Your Voice Can Provide Water for Your Landscape

One of the primary reasons people are transferring over to wifi smart sprinklers is you can use your own voice to initiate a wifi sprinkler controller to begin watering or irrigating your landscape. Such is the technology today that it can sync up with Google Assistant and Amazon devices, which allows you to talk with your Smart Sprinklers systems. It’s a new world, and with that new work, you can provide smart irrigation that helps water conservation, energy savings, and soil stability in your own back yard through a smart sprinkler controller.

#8 Precision Watering

Precision watering is a new way of watering for an old benefit. Basically, it allows you to use your smart sprinkler system as a precision irrigation application that provides efficiencies in the delivery of the water to your landscape. They are usually four different types of delivery, and they include surface, sprinklers, trickle, and subsurface methods. 

#9 Creating a Schedule

You no longer have to be home to water your lawn. You no longer have to worry about how much it will rain next week so your lawn and plants won’t die. You can now schedule a smart schedule on your smart sprinkler system using your wireless sprinkler controls in your wifi system, and it will all be done for you on the date and time you select. It’s that easy.


None of us ever have enough time to relax anymore. That’s why if there’s any one thing we can introduce into our lives that allows us a little more time to sit in a chair and read a good book or enjoy our rich and lush landscape, we need to take advantage of it. The best smart sprinkler controller on the market provides a way for those in Arizona to stretch out on their green grass and relax with their favorite beverage because they have the smart sprinkler system that takes care of everything as far as their eyes can see.


Your Next Step in Finding the Best Smart Sprinkler System That Fits Your Needs

There’s no one that knows your yard more or what it needs best than you do. That’s why when you’re looking for something that fits your Arizona irrigation water needs, it’s essential to what your landscaping and water costs are going to be once you decide on your design or maintenance plan needs to be. Everything from smart sprinklers to smart sprinkler wifi controllers offers something every landscaper can offer you.

J&M Landscaping, LLC provides you with smart sprinkler installation that provides you with water savings, and environmental benefits. Many irrigation contractors will promise you a little bit of everything without delivering much of anything. J&M Landscaping, LLC leaves no stone unturned, or water source undelivered through the smartest sprinkler systems possible.


Reach out to Jose, when you’re ready to create the lush Arizona lawn you’ve always envisioned with the landscape design you’ve always wanted. You’ll be able to do it all with a smart sprinkler that saves you time, money, and water.