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Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
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J&M Landscaping, LLC
dba Jose Knows Trees
ROC #322669

Proudly Serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler + Tempe
Family Owned and Operated since 2010

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Want to know the secret to keeping your grass and garden greener and lusher?

Professional Irrigation Installation Services

All plants need water to grow and thrive; that’s why a well-planned irrigation system should be at the top of your landscaping list. An irrigation system helps to maintain the curb appeal of your home, but it helps to add property value to your dwelling.

There are different types of irrigation systems that can help keep your landscape green and healthy. Below is a shortlist of the different kinds of irrigation systems people use in their yards and gardens:

    • Soaker Hoses
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Drip Line Systems
    • Spray Systems
    • Sub-irrigation
    • …More

3 Ways an Irrigation System Can Benefit You

1) Automation

One of the most popular automated irrigation systems is the automatic sprinkler system. With an automatic sprinkler system, you won’t have to worry about giving your plants to much or too little water again. Once a sprinkler irrigation system is installed, you can determine when to water your yard, and where it should be distributed. The amount of control and free time an irrigation system offers to homeowners is worth it.

You won’t have to worry about your plants wilting, or your yard turning into a dry, neglected field when an automated sprinkler system is installed. An automated sprinkler system means freedom for homeowners.

If you are ready to step up your watering game, a “smart sprinkler system” could be a terrific option for you. Talk with Jose and get his opinion on smart products that are good for your landscape need and heck out our blog about Smart Sprinkler Systems.

2) Increase the value of your home

Ask any Real Estate agent, and they will tell you home buyers flock to homes with curb appeal. Why? Because the outside of the home is impressive and filled with vibrant plant life and a lush green yard, and a well-functioning irrigation system maintains it. Sellers can ask for more when an irrigation system is installed because a buyer understands the value of an irrigation system and how it can keep their future home’s landscape looking great.

3) Prevent Weeds and Disease

No one likes weeds. Weeds bring disease to healthy gardens and ruin the ecstatics of green grass. With an irrigation system, your plants and lawn are watered in a manner that delivers the exact amount of nutrients to the greenery roots. With strong roots, weeds are unable to flourish.

Are You Ready to Install A New Irrigation System in Your Home?

If you’re ready to save money on your monthly water bills or are prepared to create free time from watering your yard and garden, then a new irrigation system may be right for you home. At Jose Knows Trees, our professional irrigation installation team will help you choose the right system for you and your landscaping needs.

We will also walk you through the completed process and show you how to operate your new irrigation system. Our assistance does not stop there. Our knowledgeable staff will explain how to maintain your irrigation system properly, so it will continue to provide you years of service.

Irrigation Repair

A properly maintained irrigation system will last for an extended amount of time, but as the years go by, even the best-maintained system needs repair. At Jose Knows Trees, we offer a variety of service options for our customers who need their irrigation system maintained or repaired. Check out our Irrigation Repair Page for more information.

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